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Friday, 2-Jun-2006 08:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My sister is getting married..

My sister Ura is getting married this Sunday, 4th June.
Selamat Pengantin Baru to the bride and groom. Life may not be sweet all the time, but the love you have for each other will surely take care all of the hard times..

Will be going home to kampung tomorrow, and back in KL by Monday. heard that the wooden kampung house is all bright with newly painted pink and yellow combination (errkk!!-sapa punya idea ni??), luckily nobody invited Eric leong of Casa Impian for the grand make-over. hehe..
After all, she's the last in the family to be 'raja sehari', so majlis penutup should be as grand as possible..we'll see..

So, have a good weekend everybody..I know I will!!

Friday, 2-Jun-2006 07:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark

We were given options yesterday by Mr NT; to come or not to come to work roday.
Those who are in the office today will get to add one extra day into our annual leave. (I can't believe that staffs only have like 14 days annual leave, as compared to 21 (even for newly hired) in the previous company. So, where do I stand in here? I am not even sure if a am a staff (that means Junior GC (Geological Consultant) or Sr GC. But to think that I only have less than 10 days annual leave left , and it's only early June..arrgh..

Well, the thought that I will be having my maternity leave soon, maybe by 24th June till late August doen't help, either. It's not maternity leave , it is call jobless. Maternity leave is when you get paid for 2 months without having to go to the office, buying all the herbs, baby stuffs during the confinement, spending money knowing by end of the month, there are still cash in your saving acount.

This time around, I am paid per day rate, until the big day, then I will be hired in a new contract after the 60 days. Well, just hope that things won't be that desperate that I would have to come back to work after 1 month - ya lah, tak ada kerja takda gaji..

Looking back to the previous maternity leaves, sometimes I kept wondering why did I leave the previous company in the first place. I had my reasons, I know, but sometimes it is hard to explain to people, and even harder for me to admit. It's not that I regret it, but I can't resist comparing things, situation, etc..and and it seems what I left behind were perfect in every way.
But behind all the 'woww', the glamour, the image, there are little things that matters to me, that kept disturbing me. So, I walked out..

Having been in the new company for 2 weeks, I barely had any real work to start with, we are still waiting for many things to be approved, reviewed before the project I am attached to could progress.
Well, hopefully when I come back in September, I will have roles to play and of course, DATA to work on!!
See, I am still being optimistic.
Hmm HR Manager, when am I gonna be paid for the 2 weeks I spent my precious time in the office?

Monday, 23-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
after a long time

I am supposed to call the TMNet people to get us the Streamyx, we (I!) need it real badly.
In Kajang, there wasn't any CC that I could find, went to the Metro Kajang, and walked up and down for the sign of any internet cafe, to no avail.
but my SIL said that on our way to the mall, she did see a CC next to a kedai Keranda in Desa Seroja.
Okay, the next time I fell the urge to check my mails, I'll just go and look for the kedai keranda, and no, no, not go straight into the shop, but into the next door.
Siapa la punya idea bukak CC sebelah kedai keranda nih.
Right now am at KLCC CyberCafe, checking my mails , not feeling really good, batuk, selesema, all the symptoms of a preggie lady are back.
bet that they won't go away until I deliver , which will be in june.
Okay, I heard the prosperity burger is back. I shall make my move, laparrrr!!

Wednesday, 4-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
From the CC


Won't be online for a couple of days I guess.
Infact, after resigning and endure the pain of my last day at work /office, I finally
got the chance to get connected.Of all the things that I miss most being in the office is the Internet-network connection-mails, onlines jokes..hhehe..got it?
I didn't quite like the proposals, the workorder, the RO, the final deliveries, and the coffe machine.
But of course, the good frinds..naah..I won't forget you all.
have to go, The CC cocts me RM8 per hour, so much of it being in KLCC, yeahhh!!

Friday, 23-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I got mine!

okaylah tu
After much debates/arguements, I got my Canon Power Shot 620. Tauke at the Kodak kiosk kept pestering me to buy their Olympus IR300, which is on discount.
From what I see, they are having some kind of Olympus month, where all Olympus model are on discount sale, 50% somemore… J
My request to see Sony Cybershot ke, latest Sony model ke, Canon Ixus/Power shot or any Nikon CoolPix model were not entertained. Surprisingly, after his bad review about Canon Power Shot, he does use that model to take photos of the customers, ie the passport photos. So much of the “brand aje lebih”..use the olympus la ..

I am not into brands, in fact have been looking around for the one that I am most comfortable with. The previous digicam we had was a Konica Minolta Xg, a very lightweight, blue colour ( why blue??- ask DH), easily disappear in your pocket (kononlah kan), compact- which means kecik, and too cute for my tembam fingers..true..!
Well, we managed to sell that ( I have some other models in mind, then..so persuaded DH to jual, so boleh beli baru maa..)

The Power Shot 620, I would say not the grandest, but we gave it a try, explore the function, and DH who at first was convinced to buy the Olympus by tauke Liaw, somehow fell in love with A620..He even offered to buy the compact photo printer, Selphy CP710, latest model, and he did! Thank you. Lepas ni print, jangan tak print, okay!!
The semi SLR model, looks good, feels good..but budget not that good.
Cukuplah my EOS300 LSR kat rumah yang dah bertambah tua tu, ada sapa nak beli? Bukan digital though, sorry.
Tapi another good thing, the A620 ni, reminds me of my EOS 300. All the function are there, so it feels easy and I am really comfortable with it.
So, with that, I should say bye-bye to Nikon CoolPix, Sony Cybrshot DSC-T9,T7 or DSC-N1. I have made my mind..

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